Episode 28

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13th Jan 2021

#28 - Daniel Breitwieser: Languages, Career, Sales and Coaching

You can find Daniel at his Podcast TRANSFORMATION UNIVERSE, where we discuss the future with today's most forward-thinking leaders from business and society. In a brutally honest and entertaining way, they share their approach to change, which hacks lead to innovation and share learnings from their biggest Fuck Ups.





He is part of CoachHub.io, where he helps enterprise companies of all to transform their organizations by implementing and scaling digital Coaching globally.

Having started as the 4th full-time employee, he has helped to shape CoachHub into one of the fastest-growing start UPs in HR Tech and the fastest growing digital coaching company worldwide (50M investment in two years. Scaled from 5 to 200 employees and 1.000+ coaches).

Our mission is to democratize access to coaching to make it possible for all career levels to receive the most efficient personal&leadership development support there is. In times of constant change and transformation coaching is the best way to build up critical behavioral skills in a sustainable way. With CoachHub we combine 1:1 video coaching by the world's best coaches with a state-of-the-art, multi-device application that combines, matching, scheduling, goal setting, and micro learnings for sustainable learning transfer.

On top, through our company dashboard, organizations can get rich data about how their people develop, measure the ROI without any administrative effort, and get valuable insights to identify investment opportunities and analyze organizations health.

More info on www.coachhub.io or message him on LinkedIn.

More about Daniel:

B2B (tech) Sales I Education/Teaching I Public Speaking (i.e Tedx Speaker) I Advanced knowledge in 7 Languages I Moderator at International Events (I.e UNLEASH, HR360 European Summit, Slush, Lissabon Investment Summit, etc.) I Networker I Partnership Builder I Entrepreneur I Team player who always pushes himself and his team to exceed targets, always smiling :)

Passionate about the power of learning and technology, empowering the new generations, (social) entrepreneurship, traveling, cultures, and sports. 

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